The Sandbox Districts

The District of the Victors, led by Rancefield Fellsword (Zandstad General), is known locally as “Victor’s Row.” Within dwell the stoutest of champions and their loyal families–poised to defend the town of Zandstad and, when necessary, to attack its enemies with fierce determination. The Row’s residents are used to a regimented life with strict observation to daily exercises and obligations. The soldiers live in barracks beneath the city, separated by rank and speciality, while their families live directly above in simple, utilitarian lodges. Victor’s Row residents endure high expectations of loyalty, personal advancement and willingness to sacrifice both body and mind for the banner. They live by the tenet “battle unrelented,” and those who relent are quick to stand out and find punishment.

The District of the Covenant, led by Bishop Thrawnstock VIII (Zandstad Bishop), is home to many reformers and, once, wayward folk in the city. Living in smaller hovels, its residents live very communal lifestyles, dedicating themselves to the greater good and civil betterment. Those who reside within the district find themselves often caring for the sick and the weary. The most upward mobile of the Covenant become thought leaders and wizened elders. The foremost tenet among the devout is “aid absolute,” which drives the district to service.

The Quintessence, led by Osgood Badaloni (Zandstad Magus), is home to those individuals granted the power and insight to control arcane forces in the world. Some were gifted their magic by Patrons, others born into special powers, the rest were able to learn to control the magi that holds our world together. Those who live in the Quintessence typically find themselves called upon to make the impossible possible, and to solve the unsolvable. They live by the tenet “the Universe is mind; mind is the Universe,” and those who cannot fathom the depths of the infinite are soon left behind.

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