Dungeon Hart

“This was the best game I’ve ever played. Thank you so much.”
-player @ ConCarolinas

The Dungeon. Sometimes we can feel as though our lives are wasting away in a dungeon. We dream of big stories in which ordinary people have extraordinary impact. We want change.

The Hart (the Heart) is sensitive and intuitive. It represents a power that faces challenges calmly and creatively. When the Hart is used in story, it calls the hero to be vigilant and nimble. Trusting their instincts, the hero reaches out to the unknown and finds wealth beyond measure.

The Story. Dungeon Hart adventures are written by professional authors, using the mono myth (or Hero’s Journey) as a structural guide to our adventures.

The Retreat. Take one day and come with us to become the hero you always wanted to be. Our events are self-contained stories delivered through 3 sessions that run 2 hours in length. Seven hours of gaming in a day!

The Characters. With our support, it is easier to create a character with depth, purpose, history and direction.
Characters in our stories have depth, and a true impact on their world.

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Ongoing Projects

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