Digital Church Camp

Welcome to an experiment! I hope this page becomes your “Go To” for daily activities and videos used to give a little summer camp/VBS feel to your days. I have organized this project around a typical Day Camp schedule. Suggested times are in parenthesis, but these are only for those of you who wish to follow a schedule at all:

  1. (9:00am) Live Gathering on Zoom
  2. (9:30am) Bible lesson video watch and journal response
  3. (10:00am) Outdoors/movement Challenge
  4. (10:30am) Art Project
  5. (11:00am) Music Time
  6. (11:30am) Noon Day Prayers on Zoom

You can follow the schedule, follow part of it, or none of it. To build community and connect, we ask you to join us for the Live Gathering at 9:00 and the Live Noon Day Prayers at 11:30.

Simply Scroll down, choose an activity from each block you’d like to do today, (or follow along with us on the chosen activity for each day) click the link to the lesson, and play!

9:00 Morning Gathering

Follow this link

9:30-10:00 Formation Lessons

Love of God and Neighbor
Mark 12:28-34

Who is my Neighbor?
Luke 10:25-37

Live Peacefully with our neighbors
Genesis 26:12-31

Everyone is Invited!
Luke 14:15-24

Share with others
Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-37

10:00-10:30 outdoor and movement challenges

Take a hike
As a family, go on a walk around your neighborhood or local park. Collect memories in either physical or photographic form…anything that strikes you as interesting. What is god saying to you today? What is out there to be noticed today?
Share a photo from your walk with #digitalchurchcamp

Make a lunch
As a family, choose a lunch from this list of Bible inspired meals. Clicklist or get ingredients like you normally do. Then cook the meal together to for lunch later.
Share a photo of your family eating together with #digitalchurchcamp

Going Green
As a family, choose an appropriate place in your yard to start a small garden, even if its only one foot by one foot. What should be planted? Flowers? Vegetables? Herbs? Make a plan, gather resources, and grow together. Post a photo of your garden to #digitalchurchcamp

Family Yoga
Yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation for kids. Interactive adventures which build strength, confidence, and balance.

A hiking GPS or a cell phone app can provide hours of adventures with this modern day treasure hunt system that exists worldwide.

Find local hiking trails
Observe social distancing, and you’ve got a beautiful day ahead of you.

10:30-11:00 ART PROJECTS

Mandala Rocks
Find a rock, get some paint or some sharpies, and make it magical


Shadow Art
Lay paper down under a tree, or with creatures, or with humans, and watch a masterpiece emerge.

Window Painting
With a couple of quick steps, you can change your bedroom window in a work of art!

Sponge water Bombs
Summer is here. Cool it down with these fan favorites.

Next level Crayons
Make a sunset scene with blending and layering crayons, and learn how to make these simple materials show amazing results.

11:00-11:30 MUSIC TIME

Be Thou My Vision
Lesson Video Link
Sing with us Link

Light the Fire
Lesson Video Link
Sing with us Link

Soemthing else
Lesson Video Link
Sing with us Link

11:30 NoonDay Prayers

Zoom Chat Room Link

MISSIONs for Older Kids

Ongoing Projects

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