I believe in a world where every organization is purpose driven and operating at full capacity. My mission is to invest in your story. In doing so, I live my best self as a catalyst, creator, and innovator. I believe in the whole person, and will work with you to produce something that truly moves your clients, your family, and your community. Today, would you check out these special projects:

What is a

Creative Consultant?

We all have a dream. A dream that stays with us and drives us and keeps coming back to haunt us if we turn away from it. You want to trail blaze. You want to move people. You want to form minds and strengthen hearts. I’m your coach to get that done. My toolbox is extensive: web sites, branding, publishing, videography, kiosk development, presentations, illustration, murals, signage, the list keeps going. Let me help you get your project shipped to your audience.

Forming Character. Building Leaders.

How you play is how you live.

It dawned on me as I watched my games based programs thrive that there was more to the conversation than distracting kids with games. How you play a game reflects on how you make choices, choose friends, and build your life. Let’s talk about after schools, summer camps, and special events that teach, not just entertain.

A cooperative storytelling experience. If you love the storytelling emphasis of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, you’ll love Sandbox Aventures.

An experiment in how tabletop games can develop executive skills and life learning.

The Order of Saint Nicholas safeguards one of the great secrets of Christmas: the identity of Santa Claus.

About Roger

Roger’s first passion is serving young people, which he sees as a sacred calling. He graduated from college (West Liberty State University) with degrees in graphic design, communication, and secondary education, and has been putting those talents to work ever since in various roles, mostly through children, youth, and family ministries, as well as through freelance design work. He sees — and effectively uses — the arts and digital media as conduits to connect people, programs, and institutions to each other and to their purpose.

A published author and illustrator, Roger is always writing and drawing. His terrain making skills have been showcased online and at Conventions across the Southeast.

Roger runs multiple after school game sessions, and is always available for a chat about how games and gaming can reinforce moral and character development in children and young adults.

Roger holds certificates as a low ropes instructor, Disney Institute trained leader, community development, cognitive behavioral therapy, and coaching.

Recent posts

The Sandbox Districts

The District of the Victors, led by Rancefield Fellsword (Zandstad General), is known locally as “Victor’s Row.” Within dwell the stoutest of champions and their loyal families–poised to defend the town of Zandstad and, when necessary, to attack its enemies with fierce determination. The Row’s residents are used to a regimented life with strict observationContinue reading “The Sandbox Districts”