The Order of Saint Nicholas

Love like Saint Nicholas

Give gifts like Santa Claus.

The Order of Saint Nicholas safeguards one of the great secrets of Christmas: the identity of Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas showed us that our gifts bring joy to the world.  To live like Nicholas, to become Santa Claus, we must first make three promises:

To be Kind: People should feel friendship and joy at Christmas time.
To be Generous:  You will give gifts with no strings attached and receive gifts with gratitude.
To Protect little ones: Let all the little ones believe in the magic of Santa Claus. When you give gifts, give them “from Santa Claus.” When the little ones are ready, you and your family will help them become members of the Order of Saint Nicholas, too.

The Order of Saint Nicholas offers tools to help transition a questioning child from getting gifts from Santa Claus to Giving gifts like Saint Nicholas. As members of the Order, we become, along with countless others before us, Santa Claus. We are committed to maintaining the magic of Christmas while teaching about the generosity and sacrifice of Saint Nicholas. 

1. Support the order during our annual Kickstarter Campaign, joining at whatever level is comfortable to you, OR
2. Apply by email to the Prior

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Our Complete list of members in the Order of Saint Nicholas
How to share the message of the Order with friends and family.
A short ceremony between parent and child to welcome them to lifetime of giving.

Ongoing Projects

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