Practicing the Art of Jesus

Each Day, we will post a new video with scripture, reflection, tools, and exercises to move you through your journey to the empty tomb.

Each Evening, we will come together in a Zoom call to mutually support and critique each other’s work. ZOOM LINK

The Rule of Life we are using this week, compliments of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York. LINK

Day 1: Acquire a Vision through prayer VIDEO

Day 2: Gesture drawing and composition VIDEO

Day 3: Color Harmony VIDEO

Day 4: Contour, color, and base layers VIDEO

Day 5: A turning point: How critique solves problems. VIDEO

Day 6: Multiple levels, emersion in the story of your art. VIDEO

Day 7: Finished, but never finished. VIDEO

Day 8: What do I do with this piece that i have made? VIDEO

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