Planning the 12th Night Party

End the Christmas Season with a real bang. The 12th night of Christmas is January 5th. Historically, these parties were raucous, and the “peasant became royalty” for an evening. Below you’ll find a step by to make your 12th night one to remember!

1.It all starts with cake.
Similar to Christmas fruitcake, a 12th night cake is far more rich and also contains two beans or trinkets to designate the “King and Queen” for the night.
Recipe is here

2. Something to toast with
Toast the new king and queen, and then they lead the new year in with additional toasts, and also encourage others to make toasts. Use Wassail, Recipe is here

3. Prepping the Kings
Move your three wise men into your creche scene to prepare for epiphany tomorrow.

4. Feast!
Here’s a Pinterest board to share and save ideas for a 12th night feast. Finger foods are best

5. The Christmas Tree
It’s time to take down Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree is removed, and later prepped for the Epiphany fire tomorrow, when it is burned. (don’t throw them out with the trash, they have too many memories for that!)

6. Celebrate
Typically a play, music, movie, dance, or other artistic expression ends the party. Do something your family loves to do. Eat and drink while you do it.

7. The last Gifts
The final Gifts of the season are given either at the end of the 12th night party, or as part of the Feast of Epiphany, in which we remember the gifts of the Magi.

Ongoing Projects

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