The Initiation

This service is to be an intimate affair between a child and their parent/guardian. Create a sensory experience and memory by lighting a single large candle to stand between the parent(s) and child. Use appropriate methods to recreate the smells of Christmastide. Play holy hymns or meditative Christmas music softly. Dim the room that focus may be kept on the candles light, and the parents who begin by saying:

The mission of the Order of Saint Nicholas is to work hard to increase joy and encourage generosity in the name of God. We look to Jesus Christ and Nicholas to guide us to do good works, to live grace-filled lives, and to lead others to Christ by our lives and example. 

State your full name, that you might enter fully unto the Order of St. Nicholas

Do you promise to be Obedient to the will of God, and follow the direction of your religious community? I do

Do you promise to be Generous with your time, talent, and treasure by giving to those who are in need? I do

Do you promise to be Loyal to the Order of St. Nicholas, keeping it secret from any who is not ready to hear of its mission, yet welcoming any who seeks entry? I do

Do not be negligent for the Lord has chosen you to be a light shining in the long night of Winter. The Lord has chosen you to reclaim the spirit of Nicholas from the spirit of Greed, and to be an example to any who wish to live a full life of generosity and service. 

The parent lays hands on the child’s head and prays:

O God, bless this child, a servant of your Church. May they serve in the spirit of Nicholas with reverence and holiness so that they may attain, with your saints and angels, the joy of serving you when serving others, of receiving your gifts to pass on to others, and to worship you in all they say and do, through Christ Jesus our Lord. AMEN. 

In the Name of God, I welcome you to the Order of St Nicholas. Increase Joy and Encourage Giving everywhere you go, to the end of your days. 

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